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Endless Varieties of Jewish Gifts at 1800Eichlers

Welcome to 1-800Eichlers, your shopping destination for all kinds of Chanukah goods. The company that hosts a thriving superstore in Boro Park, Brooklyn presents the world its virtual outlet for overseas trading. The Judaica store has a rich inventory that stores some of the finest collection of decorative items that are prized within the Jewish community. Offering Jewish gifts of both artist and regular origin, the store’s range of assorted gift items are both aesthetically and practically valuable. Buyers get a free shipping on goods offered under all categories that make the items all the more cost-effective for overseas seekers.

Section for Jewish Music Lovers

1-800Eichlers offers a range of classic and latest Jewish music for music enthusiasts. Segmented under diverse genres like Acapella, Choirs, English, Yiddish, Fitness, etc., the company is the ideal place-to-be for people who want to surf through all the popular music of all times before making their pick. Even song books and wedding songs are available to buy at the stores.

Aside, the company also offers school supplies, kids’ products, apparels, books and lots more. Ornate mezuzah is one of the most sought products of the company. The items are priced at a reasonable low to encourage buyers to shop from the store.